EP 11: What is going on underneath the surface?

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Devon Walz is a painter, deep-feeler, soul-searcher and world traveller who believes in living life in on her own terms. She has a fascination with astrology-- she's a sun Pisces, Moon Scorpio, Gemini Rising and has learned so much about herself from studying the stars.

She feels she has been called to do deep-emotional work in this life and would love nothing more than to give permission to others to simply feel. She believes that two of the most radically powerful acts we can do in this life are feel our feelings and make art. She feels like paint and color are their own language, and using that language to express herself is what makes her feel the most alive.

She is a lover of deep conversation, speaking her truth through writing and having spontaneous dance parties in her bedroom. Her guilty is pleasure is watching Friends and The Office a million times over and when she's not throwing paint around in her studio she is often walking on the beach, soaking up the sun and journaling. Her current dreams are to move to a cabin in the woods where she can read, paint and make soup, and to travel to Tonga where she can swim with wild Orcas.

CONNECT: @devonwalzart www.devonwalz.com

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  • Who Devon was as a young girl and what theme most repeated in her life

  • Knowing yourself, making new choices and our growth as an ever evolving process

  • Self compassion, being a beginner and the importance of seasons

  • The conscious practice she feels in often undervalued

  • Easy buttons and her relationship to creating and consuming

  • The catalyst that led to her life's work

  • What she hopes for as she evolves in her conscious journey practice and MORE!


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Station Eleven

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Inspired by the episode 'Journey prompts' are questions you can explore in any way you want. Journal your answer, talk to a friend, use them to guide meditations or create your own adventure. There's no right or wrong way. Only how you feel called to explore it.