EP 14: How present am I?


Marisa Ribordy is a freedom seeker, yoga lover and good vibes enthusiast. She believes in living a life aligned with our hearts and finding the magic in everyday moments. She loves nothing more than having soulful conversations, big warm hugs and writing about the highs and lows of life.

She's passionate about creating space for people to be themselves, to connect to their bodies and expand their heart wide open so they can live a wild-hearted life, feeling free, connected and alive. For her, yoga is the magic element that creates a deep connection with ourselves which opens the way to live more intuitively with heart and soul. 

Her dream travels look something like a road trip around British Columbia, Canada, with all kinds of adventures that include mountains and ocean, preferably chasing autumn colors, sleeping in cabins and tree-houses.

She's a natural at creating a gezellig/hygge vibe- all things cozy- must come from her dutch origins- which for her is adding a bit of magic to all kinds of places and moments. She has a thing for grey clouds and lighthouses. Off the mat, you can find her writing, hiking, breathing the wild air on her snowboard or exploring the world. She feels most free and alive when she's out exploring the outdoors, simply feeling the wind on her face, laughing or chasing her dreams.

CONNECT: @wild.happy.heart  |  www.wildhappyheart.com

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  • Marisa's journey from numbing out to tapping in.

  • Fitting in, standing out and fear of showing up.

  • What happened after she combined Lenny Kravitz and Bali.

  • Auto pilot, being with your discomfort and making peace with your past.

  • Nature as medicine and our greatest teacher.

  • Movement as a way to connect you to your desires.

  • Journaling as a sacred container for conversation and transformation.

  • Living in alignment as a way to inspire others, an easy way to find magic inside your every day moments and MORE!

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Inspired by the episode 'Journey prompts' are questions you can explore in any way you want. Journal your answer, talk to a friend, use them to guide meditations or create your own adventure. There's no right or wrong way. Only how you feel called to explore it.