EP 16: What do you celebrate?

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Right now, Jelena Aleksich lives a double life. She commutes to New York City where it's jam-packed with photo-shoots in my Brooklyn studio, meeting people, seeing friends, and making things happen. When she's not doing that, she's nestled in New Jersey in a quiet condo by the water where she gets to refuel, practice self-care, edit, e-mail and catch up with technology and nature.

It's impossible to pin point exactly what inspires her as she's been a fan of creative escapism since she was a child. Music has become her oxygen at this point.

She exist to the beat of electronic tunes that allow her to visualize my dreams on any given day. She tries read a book a week. And she's on a life-long Oscar Challenge, where she's on the hunt to watch every nominated movie since it's beginning in 1929.

She actively seeks beauty and meaning in everything she does and she thinks that's why, after two years, she's created something that revolves around sparkle, celebration and the many stories within humanity.

Movement therapy has become even more vital to her at this point in my life, where it's easy to be so head-centric and future-oriented so she tries to move, dance, and break a sweat daily. At this specific juncture in time, her first brainchild is learning how to walk and it's filled with a lot of bittersweet, rewarding, intense days where she tries to stay the most grounded she can be. 

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  • Jelena's sheltered journey as the first born of immigrant parents.

  • Why the pursuit of curiosity is what she really thinks living consciously is all about.

  • How the words Cancer and Confetti have defined her perspective on life.

  • Utilizing creativity to transmute your pain and finding the joy in the moment.

  • Her baseline blessing and how this lens helps her move through the ebbs and flows that show up in our lives.

  • Getting out of your head, into your body, using visualization to tell the Universe exactly what you want and so much more!

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Inspired by the episode 'Journey prompts' are questions you can explore in any way you want. Journal your answer, talk to a friend, use them to guide meditations or create your own adventure. There's no right or wrong way. Only how you feel called to explore it.